Latent Defects Solutions

A latent defect can best be described as a failure in a certain specification in the construction or planning of a building. Most of the time, latent defects are not easily detectable until years after the original construction making it difficult to be covered by the building contractor. Some of the most common cases of defects are Design deficiencies and poor preparation in design, incorrectly chosen materials and poor workmanship.

Latent Defects HelpAny one of these defects can compromise the safety and structure of your building or property which is caused by a fault in the foundation of the building and can cause subsidence, heave, insufficient wind ties or wind posts, damp or even interior and exterior property cracks.

Usually, to the untrained eye, latent defects that are present in a property is extremely hard to see within the first two years (the usual time that a building contractor is obliged to restore all damage and deficiencies) when the signs of deficiencies start to show, a fast claim submission time is vital.

What Can Be Done If Your Property Has Defects?

By hiring a loss adjuster through your insurer, you’re not guaranteed to receive the best entitlement possible, by hiring a public loss adjuster through property defects, you automatically open your property up for a fair and just claim, from a loss adjuster that will work on your behalf.

The services we can offer when your property has been subject to any sort of latent defects are endless, when a claim is submitted, we will firstly visit the subject property. If it is decided that the damage is a result of insured peril, property Defects will appoint their own network of surveyors carry out further inspections.

A claim will then be submitted to the insurer who covers the policy by one of the property defects staff members. Property defects work on a no-win-no-fee basis, so until you win the case and get a complete property renovation or a cash settlement you are satisfied with, we won’t charge a penny for the services we are offering.

To find out how we can possibly assist in your properties deficiency and property damage claim, visit: and start your road to recovery.