A History of Cavity Wall Insulation Problems

Wondering what cavity wall insulation problems there are and how they could impact you and your property?
The original concept of cavity walls was for them to be used in coastal areas where windblown rain was a problem. Now, it’s a great way to keep your home warm and cut down on your energy bills, but there are several disadvantages which could cause implications in the long run.

Some installers install insulation in properties that aren’t suitable, like steel and timber framed properties. The insulation can cause damp and rot, so it could need to be removed. Damp objects lose heat very easily, because of this, your house could actually become colder due to the damp, instead of warmer. Cavity wall insulation problems are very common amongst households.

When cavity wall insulation first began several decades back, a foam was used which deteriorates over the years, releasing a toxic Urea-formaldehyde gas. If you have this type of installation, it could cause damp as the foam degrades and cause other cavity wall insulation problems. If it has been installed poorly, there can be gaps in the cavity wall, which could mean that some parts of your home will be warm whilst others will be cold. If the insulation gets wet or otherwise damaged, the insulation may need to be removed.

Other problems which may occur include:

  • Structural damage to your home
  • Timber begins to rot
  • Wallpaper starts to peel
  • Water starts to run down where it never did
  • Rising damp appears everywhere

Causing a damp smell, the damp can attract bacteria and fungi. If your cavity is filled incorrectly, the wall doesn’t have any chance of staying dry as the damp will rise up the walls and cause a number of problems.

My Cavity ClaimIn some cases, it can cause structural damage as the bricks will also begin to get moist and therefore deteriorate and fall apart over time. Water can easily get through your walls and soak the cavity wall. Cavity wall insulation problems can be very dangerous and cause a lot of implications in the long run, so it’s important that you seriously consider whether a cavity wall insulation is worth it.

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